Philippe Calia: Sangareddy

Philippe Calia


Inkjet prints on Epson Matte Archival Paper

Size variable; 2020

Edition of 4 + 1 AP each print

At the crossroad of arts & sciences, this work is part of a research titled The Shape of Clouds which looks at visual representation of memory and oblivion in our current technological regime. In this piece, a photograph of the sky, taken from a plane in 2018 during a flight between Hyderabad and Bombay, was printed to be then diluted through a specific chemical handling technique. The process was alternatively filmed and photographed, sometimes at macro level, very close to the paper surface. Blurring our sense of scale, the result is a constellation of abstract images, of which details and shapes strangely echo with the more familiar medical imagery of biological cells, dendrites and synapses. Meanwhile the coordinates found in the digital photograph’s metadata drags us back to the physical reality of the place above which it was shot : the district of Sangareddy in Telangana.

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