Kuldeep Singh

Kuldeep Singh

Nrità Singularity  


2.35 minutes


Artist Statement: “This short experimental moving image emerged as an exploration of Odissi dance movements to an ongoing series of short musical compositions that I have been singing and single handedly composing during the quarantine. The digital image was shot in August 2020, in the living room of my rented apartment here in Brooklyn, NY (the top floor of a townhouse). With all dance rehearsal spaces closed, the living room filled in that gap, providing a little respite. I opened up the small space by moving away the furniture. And by employing my additional skills in cinematography and editing, I began experimenting with the camera – both as an operator behind it, as well as the subject in front of the lens. And then, the editing process brought all these elements together as a whole, reflecting the title of the work: Nrità Singularity.”

Curatorial Statement: “Nrità Singularity signals a new direction for Kuldeep Singh, an artist who works in different mediums, a trained classical dancer practicing the form of Odissi, and an accomplished visual artist dabbling in the mediums of painting, performance, and installation. The film lets us into the inner space and world of the artist so intimately; although, as planned collectively, we do not even see his face… This incompleteness and the use of the fragmented body defines contemporary experiences of loneliness, aloneness and reflection; creating a strange artistic beauty that is poignant and poetic at the same time. We are let into the artist’s solitary riyaaz process, interspersed with images of still life from his home, painting an arresting picture of an artist’s inner world during contemporary times.”

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