The Logo

The logo unit for the project has been designed to communicate the curatorial premise of the festival: a conflation of the elements of the eternal Chaumasa and the circumstantial lockdown.

Typographically, the amalgamation of Roman and Devanagari scripts contributes to extending this narrative.

The image reflects the theme intimately: the open window is a symbol of looking out as well as looking in. In the current scenario, when we are forced to be indoors, windows provide a much needed relief: a glimpse into the forbidden outer world. Yet, the most important window that we have opened during these troubled times, is the one that looks inward.

The simple and yet meaningful, haunting image of the open window leads us to our inner selves: and within this image is ensconced yet another image of a meditating figure, inspired by Lord Buddha: looking inward and realising the sacred lotus within; all in all, an arresting symbol of self-actualisation.

Gautam Buddha’s life and practice was also deeply connected with the Chaumasa, as he would stay at one place during these four months, and give sermons, a practice that has extensive prevalence till date amongst monks of various religious persuasion.

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