Calendar 2021

Lockdown Chaumasa Calendar 2021

Desk Calendar with Hindu and Gregorian dating

Featured Artists: Abhinav Goswami • Ajay Dhandre • Bandeep Singh • Debarchan Rout • Harmeet Basur • Jayant Gupta • Kuldeep Singh • Mrinalini • Philippe Calia • Sanjeev Sonpimpare • Vyom Mehta

Size: 9 x 6.5 inches / 28 pages

₹ 1500 (GST inclusive)

Free delivery in India

Deliveries by around 15 January.

Customisation available.

Lockdown Chaumasa, a multimedia, experiential online art exhibition foregrounds the commonalities of the experiences of the Lock-down and the Monsoonal Chaumasa, both states of minimalism and reflection.

The project features specially commissioned work which reflects the spirit of the times intimately.

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