Vyom Mehta

Vyom Mehta

Wind Chimes

Video; Digital Archival Prints

Size variable


Curatorial Statement: “Vyom Mehta, inspired by the fragility of life that we are reflecting on so much more now, presents a fitting closure to the project. Primarily a sculptor; in this work, the artist creates an experimental montage : a digital simulation of  the destruction of his sculptural forms, signaling a regenerative process more than a destructive one.”

Artist Statement: “2020, if nothing else has made us realise how fragile the man-made is and how resilient nature is. Further as the world slowed down and dolphins came back to the waters of Venice or a leopard was spotted roaming the streets of Hyderabad, a realisation settled in: that we can no more understand the world in the binary of the man-made and the natural.

This prolonged time of contemplation has led us all on various individual journeys. For me, this has been a time for deep reflection on my work, my practice and my life over the last few years. As part of my sculptural practice, I have been working with folk artisans from various parts of the country and as an educator, I have been exploring possibilities of urban forestation. Both in their own ways explore ideas of harmony and co-habitation; wherein the focus shifts from not just the human centric but the individual centric understanding of the world that we have so gotten accustomed to.

The work series presents digitally stimulated images of a sculptural maquette shattering against a wall. These maquettes, part of my artistic language, may be read as nature deities or mischievous super-natural beings.

In a forest floor, all the dry matter decays over time and leads to regeneration as it becomes the nutrition for further growth. Similarly the crashing of forms in this work, for me, is more a regenerative process than a destructive one.”

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