Harmeet Basur

Harmeet Basur

Chasing the Light


5.24 minutes


Concept and Cinematography: Harmeet Basur

Editing and Sound Design: Ankur Ahuja

Artist’s Statement: “Long shadows in the morning, softer light. Shorter shadows, harsher light during the afternoons. Warmer hues changing the mood in the evening, making everything appear softer. That’s what the sun does. Makes us and our surroundings appear different : depending on where we are, what time of the day it is and in which season. And that’s what you do as a cinematographer, chase the light and use it to your advantage. Well at least you try…

And now, you are locked in, but you don’t stop following the light: as it comes in blasting through the windows or sneaks in through cracks and crevices, or bounces off shiny surfaces. It changes the shapes of things and highlights certain areas while leaving others in complete darkness. The dance of light continues throughout the day. Darker areas get lit, as light leaves the lit areas in darkness.

As the days go by in the summer, the sun becomes harsher.  Even though the light is changing, a monotony sets in. You want change. You crave for a change of season. You need newer skies. Newer textures, fresher patterns.

And then you hear the first roar….. the clouds are here.

The light comes in flickers, fades in and fades out as the clouds outside the window move, giving new life to the same old objects, transforming them. The same closed space now opens up to newer possibilities. Monsoon is here!!

This short film aims to capture the play of light in my house, the arrival of the monsoon and the renewal of hope during the lockdown.”

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