Lockdown Chaumasa Calendar 2021

Shop our desk Calendar with Hindu and Gregorian dating, featuring artworks from the Lockdown Chaumasa project

Shubha Mudgal

The Lockdown Chaumasa art presentation opens with this classical rendition of Raga Megh by Vidushi Shubha Mudgal.

Debarchan Rout: Revelry

Delve into this immersive painting, a classical celebration of the Monsoon, almost like a grand Malhaar...

Debarchan Rout: Clouds of Witness

A narrative series of works, locating Kalidasa's Meghadutam in contemporary Lockdown times!

Philippe Calia: Sangareddy

A photo series representing memory and oblivion in our current technological regime

Philippe Calia: The Shape of Clouds

An experimental video montage: a contemporary Lockdown Malhaar!

Ajay Dhandre: Viral Cosmology

A cosmology of the current viral landscape and its relationship with existence

Harmeet Basur: Chasing the Light

Sitting at home, the artist, captures the play of light, and a spectrum of moods...

Kuldeep Singh: Nrità Singularity

Confined in his New York apartment, the artist sings, dances, and shoots this moving poem

Jayant Gupta: The Unknown Horizon

Existential musings, internal personal conflicts and social dilemmas contextual to today’s time and space

Mrinalini: Barso

The classical moods of the heroine in love, resonating with contemporary romantic awakenings

Abhinav Goswami: A Chaumasa in Vrindavan

Natural elements, the landscape of Vrindavan, and human and ascetic experiences: a song of inner light...

Sanjeev Sonpimpare: 2020

Sonpimpare depicts varied contremporary concerns: Delightfully amorphous in style, politically invested...

Bandeep Singh: The Beast of the Warp

On his lockdown monsoon travels, the artist unexpectedly encounters a metaphorical beast...

Vyom Mehta: Wind Chimes

A digital simulation of the destruction of sculptural forms; a regenerative process more than a destructive one

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